The Descendant: Book One

The suspenseful, action-packed 1st first book in the Shards Trilogy from Jason Gabriel.

Enter a world of magic, danger, and secrets.

Follow Brandt, a broken and desperate man, as he tries to rise from the ashes of his past and face ancient evil that has returned to threaten the world.

The enemy closes in. Dark forces are moving. The hunt for the descendant begins.

The Anarion Chronicles: Book One

A Sword & Sorcery Short Story (for fans of the genre)

There was no warning. It was a sixth sense that saved him. He leapt back from the black hallway. His torch fell to the floor. It sputtered and threatened to go out. A figure from black nightmares leapt from the darkness and into the feeble light…

The Anarion Chronicles: Book Two

A Sword & Sorcery Short Story (for fans of the genre)

The blade struck thick neck scales and rebounded painfully. The blade dropped to the ground from his numbed hand. The things neck armor was as hard as wrought iron.

Now he was weaponless…